Hello. I'm Antti and I create animations (Antti + animation = Anttimation). My non-award winning work is typically rich in detail and smooth in motion.
Born in the woods of Finland, I moved to London, UK, to master the art of motion design. Over the years I've worked first as an in-house motion designer and then freelance with some well known brands including HSBC, Sky, Google, and NHS.
Besides animation, I enjoy black and bitter coffee and metal music, as well as working on my historical dark fantasy comic Trolled.
Things I enjoy working on:
🔹 Explainer animations
🔹 Animated logos and openers
🔹 Social media animations
🔹 Documentary animations 
🔹 Visual effects 
🔹 GIFs 
🔹 Illustration (vector art, comic, ink, characters, environments...) 
🔹 Black & death metal artwork and music videos
🔹 Children's animation (cute characters, educational, fables...) 
🔹 Combinations of the two above
If you're thinking about seriously punchy animation, don't hesitate to drop me message to anttiplsr4(at)gmail.com!
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